Under Rent Stabilization This Apartment Will Stay Like This

For Years

The system doesn't make sense

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The Problem

50 years and countless revisions later – Has the rent stabilization law actually achieved any of its objectives for New York City?

Provide affordable housing to tenants who actually need it? No
Reduce the housing crisis? No
Improve socio-economic & racial diversity? No
The Solution

We’re challenging the constitutionality of the New York Rent Stabilization Law (RSL) to ensure a more sensible framework in the future.

Reforming the Rent Stabilization System Will:

Extra Extra:

In the News

New York City corner apartment building
The Washington Post Opinion: New York’s rent laws are a gross violation of property rights

It started, as much mischief does, with government augmenting its power by declaring an “emergency.” It continued despite the predictable fact that the “emergency” measures made matters worse. It might end, as some but not enough mischief does, with the Supreme Court declaring the policy unconstitutional.

New York City apartment buildings
New York Post If Supreme Court nixes NYC rent control, tenants and landlords would be better off

In a case that promises to utterly upend New York politics — and boost the city’s housing market — the Supreme Court may soon strike down the essence of the rent control laws.

Photo of protestors in NYC
The Wall Street Journal Rent Control Is Constitutionally Vulnerable

New York’s 2019 law is so onerous that the Supreme Court may revisit the issue for the first time in years. Is rent control constitutional?

Drawn image of Supreme Court Building
SCOTUSblog Landlords challenge New York’s longstanding rent-stabilization regime

Rents in New York City are among the highest in the country and rising. According to a report from brokerage firm Douglas Elliman, median rents in Manhattan reached a record high in May of $4,395 per month.

Apartment buildings in NYC
American Enterprise Institute New York Rent Control: Could the End be Near?

Those who care about housing policy and the future of New York City will be paying close attention this fall to see if the Supreme Court decides to take up a serious challenge by apartment owners to the Big Apple’s big blunder: rent regulation.

CATO Institute New York City Can’t Force Owners to Rent Their Property Forever

New York City has maintained a system of rent control since the 1940s. Property owners in the City are subject to a thicket of regulations that affect their ability to rent and limit their right to exclude—arguably the most fundamental right in the “bundle” of property rights.

Photo of a document reading
National Review The Case against New York’s Rent-Regulatory Regime

...Under this standard, RSL critics argue that the rent controls dictate who can live in their property and for how long, and limit how much they can charge for rent and how much they can invest in property...

New York City skyline on a cloudy day
Fox News Supreme Court urged to step in on blue city's 'draconian' rent-control laws

The Supreme Court is considering a petition to hear a case that challenges New York City's rent stabilization law as pressure builds from stakeholders who say the law infringes on the rights of property owners.

Community Housing Improvement Program

Who we are:

We’re an association of about 4,000 responsible owners and managers of 400,000 rent-stabilized properties across all five New York City boroughs.

What we do:

Empower property owners to provide quality, affordable housing, build thriving communities, and employ tens of thousands New Yorkers, both directly and indirectly through their small businesses.

What drives us:

Our members are long-term property-holders who are deeply invested in the communities where they live and work. At CHIP, we envision a cycle of pride for New York housing: building owners can be free to provide housing they’re proud of to residents who are proud to live there.

Rent Stabilization Association of New York City, Inc.

Who we are:

We’re the voice of New York City’s building owners. We’re the largest trade association in NYC exclusively dedicated to protecting and service the interests of the residential housing industry.

What we do:

RSA represents 25,000 property owners & agents responsible for approximately one million rent-stabilized units of housing. RSA’s members range from owners of one, small family buildings to large multi-family complexes, co-ops and condos.

What drives us:

At RSA, we work hard each day to be the fiercest ally for building owners, offering protection for bureaucratic overreach and compliance hurdles.